The National Robotics Congress

in Tunisia

5-star hotel business, Tunis

2-4 JULY 2021







About The congress

What makes National Robotics Weekend a special event?

Passionate about the world of robotics, IOT and AI? Interested in the big changement that technology brings to different fields? National Robotics Weekend will be there to answer all of your questions. We introduce to you the 3.1 edition of NRW under the theme "robots beyond the limits” organised by IEEE RAS INSAT SBC. The congress is your chance to dive into the world of robotics through our various activities, enriching workshops and challenging Hackathon.






Explorer-pack-dedicated workshops represent one of the National Robotics Weekend’s main axes . We will cover a variety of topics related to the IoT , Robotics and embedded systems in general by offering multiple certified training sessions. Our workshops are open to all levels of expertise and you will get the chance to apply the skills you are learning all along the workshop.

Technical Conferences

Technical conferences will be a different way of acquiring knowledge . You will attend expert-presented conferences in a friendly atmosphere where we will exchange their technical experience, building their businesses, discovering their field of action, the difficulties and what to expect if you ever want to start a career similar to theirs. This is your chance if you are a beginner and if you are triggered by the terms IoT, embedded systems, Artificial Intelligence, etc.. or if you want to listen to a professional’s experience feedback.


Challenger-pack-dedicated, our hackathon aims to improve the capability of future engineers to think BEYOND THE LIMITS by finding advanced and revolutionary ideas for the thematics presented by the ministry of transport and logistics. Teams of 4 to 5 participants will be asked to solve the problems by the means of robotics and IoT.


In this edition of NRW we added a very important part which is the Forum. You, Internship seekers will be able to meet some leader companies and recruiters that work in the IT, embedded systems, robotics and IoT fields in order to submit your CVs, extend your professional network and get to leave a good impression whether for your upcoming or future experiences. Don’t forget to bring your CVs with you!



The highlight of the challenger experience is the 2nd day Hackathon, which will be under the patronage of the ministry of transport and logistics , where your skills will be put to the test alongside your team of 4 or 5 people. This Hackathon unlike most, will be dealing with real life issues that the participants will be trying to solve for 24 hours. Being a challenger requires having some skills in IoT and Robotics, so are you up to the task ? A significant reward is awaiting the winning team so get ready to tackle the challenge.


Our Explorers will benefit, on the 2nd day, from a variety of enriching certified workshops that we will be offering. Not only will you be learning from our experienced trainers, but you will also be putting your newly found knowledge in practice. No matter what your skills are or what your background is, you are welcome to join and you will be able to make the most out of the workshops. Don’t miss this chance if you want to know more about robotics, IoT and embedded systems.