About Us

Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Chapter is one of IEEE’s 39 technical chapters. It was founded in 2014 with only a few members. Today, it has become one of INSAT’s most attractive club for students who have a passion for robotics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our members acquire more skills through training and allow them to participate in various national and international competitions in order to promote robotics within the school and to give all INSAT students the opportunity to discover this vast and exciting field of science.

Our Plan

A very adaptive program of training sessions is held on various topics. Participation in local competitions is a main part of RAS Chapter’s activities, as it stimulates the member’s competitive side ! RAS Chapter dedicates also great efforts to improve its members’ leadership skills by giving them the chance to organize events and congresses. Besides that, the club always aspires to have an impact on its environment, and that is done through humanitarian projects, visits and large-scale events.


Everybody loves awards, and we ,as IEEE INSAT RAS SBC, are no exception!
In recognition of our continuous efforts, we have received many awards. Here is a list of the most recent ones:

Our Participations in Competitions

Education and competition are two universal ingredients of all human cultures,They are intimately related.In fact,we can't imagine education without competition. This to boost our potential to prove that we are capable to win and to showcase what we have already learnt .That is why our chapter believes in its benefits and we are always there to encourage our members to participate in multiple competitions.

ULT Robots 3.0

For instance this years we have participated in ULT Robots 3.0 and we won the first prize in the competition of HIT THE ROAD.

ENSI RoboCup

As for ENSI RoboCup's HopeServer competition , we came in third place with " The Good Doctor" and in fifth place with "Grodoudou" .


WE have also participated in ENIM ROBOTS and we finished third.


Finally let’s mention our tremendous win in the competition of LTCR (Ligue Tunisienne des Champions de la Robotique).

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For more news and updates, Do not forget to visit us via our social media handles where you will get an insight into our team spirit and fun atmosphere

Our Activities

Our program contains various activities conserning Humanitarian ones , training sessions and events









Humanitarian Activities

Since last year, IEEE INSAT RAS SBC shifted its focus to humanitarian activities. This came from a great belief that we can make a huge impact on our environment through technology and robotics.

Training Sessions

RAS Chapter always makes sure to give the best workshops to its members. Through training, the members get to improve their technical and soft skills which helps them in their projects and future careers as engineers.


IEEE is known for organizing high quality events. INSAT RAS SBC is no exception! As we make sure to mark our presence in local events and competitions, we also organize diverse events that target different skills.

Our Community

  • Members Of The Week
  • RAS Family Gallery
  • Team Building

Member of the week is a weekly rubric on our Facebook page. Each saturday, a member is selected based on their motivation level, their presence and their participation in our activities.

One of the best things about RAS chapter is the connection we have with our members. Here are some pictures that translate the amazing atmosphere we have as a chapter.

Gaining members trust and love is our key to sucess, that’s the reason why we held a team building. In ras chapter most of our work requires being in teams.


Behind every success, there is a great team! Here are the members of the executive board of INSAT RAS SBC