Our Participations in Competitions

Education and competition are two universal ingredients of all human cultures,They are intimately related.In fact,we can't imagine education without competition:As it allows us to boost our potentiel and our proficiency ,to prove that we are capable to win and to showcase what we have already learnt .Hence our chapter believes in its benefits and we are always there to encourage our members to participate in multiple competitions.

ULT Robots 3.0

For instance last year we have participated in ULT Robots 3.0 and we won the first prize in the competition of HIT THE ROAD.

ULT Robots 4.0

This year we have participated in ULT Robots 4.0 also.

ENSI RoboCup

As for ENSI RoboCup's HopeServer competition , we won the first place in Space Lab.


We have also participated in ENIM ROBOTS and we finished third.


Let’s mention our tremendous win in the competition of LTCR (Ligue Tunisienne des Champions de la Robotique).

FST Robots 2.0

We participated also in the fst competition , which took place in FST on February 9 2020